Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hi, again...

Here's my professionally done trailer (just below this post)--I think Julie did a great job! I'll be ordering some more from her--the whole process fascinates me--it's almost like making big, flashy rolling banner gifs, which I used to play with back when I first started playing with my web site (before I hired a web designer to clean up the site and make it look professional, LOL).

Yes, I should be writing, and I will be as of tomorrow morning, between taking kids to doctors and dentists--seems they're all falling apart at the same time--nothing serious, just time-consuming. I'll be taking along my new laptop and trying to be at least a little bit productive while I'm away from home!

Who-all's doing RT this year? I'm looking forward to seeing old friends again and meeting a lot of new ones!