Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First of all, congratulations to my good friend and critique partner, Joey W. Hill, on her release today of ROUGH CANVAS from Ellora's Cave. Don't miss it--it's as riveting and emotionally charged as all of Joey's books.

Now to begin the Countdown...

It's only one week until my Heart of the West series debuts at Ellora's Cave with ROPED, a story of domination and submission--but also of healing and finding a lifetime of love. To the third person to post a comment here, a choice of any of my e-books!

I haven't been able to do much of anything, including promotion, since I had a little episode of slipping on a wet bathroom floor while at RWA National back in July, so I thought I'd try to catch up by doing a contest every day until release day. Watch my website, myspace pages, and yahoogroups for more chances to win!

By the way, you won't want to miss my Heart of the West myspace page and video, created by SpaceFairy. It's at Please stop by and be my friend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

When is it meaningful news...
...and when is it hurtful gossip or worse?

Everybody's blogging these days, especially readers, authors, and reviewers of ebooks. I guess it's normal--the internet's a friendly place where we all often feel we're "talking" to our best friends, our next door neighbors. Hey, I'm blogging now, LOL.

My point? Lately it seems there's been a lot of dishing dirt that might not be so hurtful if whispered over one's back fence to a neighbor whose circle of acquaintances doesn't begin to approach the numbers of our "community" on the 'net. Frankly, it makes me sick!

In the past month I've seen posts dissing a new author for a house I'm privileged to write for, which provoked a "conversation" that disintegrated into a full-scale diatribe by a few posters against the unfortunate author, her editor, other editors and authors, and the publisher itself. Today I saw posts responding to an interview on another blog, personal attacks against one of the most successful and well known authors/epublishers around. Another blog recently posted a letter that cast not only another epublisher but its chief editor in a bad light, seemingly for no reason other than to cast doubt on the viability of this publisher.

Normally I don't even read the "gossip" blogs. I've got writing to do as well as a life to live. I can't help wondering if many if not most of these posts were motivated by jealousy, greed or just plain malice...and whether the people behind them would be so eager to malign if they had to identify themselves by real names, not made-up monikers.

No, I'm not about to name names or point you to the blogs in question. I'm also not likely to do more than shake my head with disgust and consider the likely sources. I don't get off crowing over people's misfortunes, and I don't make judgments. I don't think a lot of folks who do.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Like many cats, this book's working on nine lives!

Funny. It will be ten years in another month since HAUNTED got its first life as HEAVENLY BLISS, released by Berkley as part of its Haunting Hearts romance imprint. The story, about a contemporary woman bent on escaping bad memories, has her buying a derelict haunted house in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina...and finding lust and love with the great-great grandson of the house's resident ghosts. It got a second life when Five Star bought it for a hardcover library edition that came out in 2001.

You see, the ghosts were trapped, and to free themselves and get to Heaven they have to see one of their descendants fall in love and marry, to wipe the curse off their own illicit relationship. This situation makes for a lot of angst...and lots of sexual tension and action that lends itself to turning a hot romance into one that's sweat-inducing erotic...

Which brings me to the rewrite... No longer part of a writing partnership but in control of this sizzling novel, I dug in and rewrote it, adding scenes Berkley would never have allowed back in 1997. Ellora's Cave bought it and brought it out in 2003 with the almost extinct Sara Jarrod pseudonym.

Now they've re-released HAUNTED under my erotic romance name, Ann Jacobs. I'm hoping readers who've missed it in the past will find it now and dig into Jill and Kyle's story. You'll root for the lovers and their century-old ghost matchmakers, and tingle with them as the instant lust grows and turns to love.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hi, again...

Here's my professionally done trailer (just below this post)--I think Julie did a great job! I'll be ordering some more from her--the whole process fascinates me--it's almost like making big, flashy rolling banner gifs, which I used to play with back when I first started playing with my web site (before I hired a web designer to clean up the site and make it look professional, LOL).

Yes, I should be writing, and I will be as of tomorrow morning, between taking kids to doctors and dentists--seems they're all falling apart at the same time--nothing serious, just time-consuming. I'll be taking along my new laptop and trying to be at least a little bit productive while I'm away from home!

Who-all's doing RT this year? I'm looking forward to seeing old friends again and meeting a lot of new ones!