Sunday, September 24, 2006

Taking a breather...

The picture's of me at Borders Express in Elyria, Ohio, while I was up there last month to sign books and meet my editor from Down Under. Seems I've been in Ohio and Michigan a lot this year, and I'm going back again Oct. 28 to Melissa's wonderful store, Paperbacks & Things in Westland, Michigan.

Meanwhile, I plug along, writing and dealing with family, not always in that order! Today has been a down-day, doing not much of anything but puttering around the house, playing with the kid and the cat...and trying to figure out myspace graphics. Gave up on that after a few minutes, after reinforcing my belief that technology was invented to make me feel incredibly stupid! One of my sons says he'll pretty up my page this week...he's good at that sort of thing, and at web design as well.

I'm working on d'Argent Honor 3: Eternal Surrender, hoping Sam Quill's a strong enough Dom to master his vampire lover...and that he won't be too angry when he wakens after saving her from a would-be vampire killer...only to find he's now a fledgling vampire, too. How will he cope, being consort to a vampire queen? And how will Alina reconcile her duty to lead her clan with her need to be Sam's loving, obedient slave?

If any of you have any ideas about how you'd like for these dilemmas to resolve, feel free to let me know. Years ago I was part of a group where we'd meet and "bounce" ideas off each other. Those sessions were invaluable--I wish we still had time to do them, but success and family obligations have intervened with all of us, so I have to work out questions on my own...unless somebody comes up with help!