Friday, July 07, 2006

WRONG PLACE has a release date: 7/19/06

Following my rant on covers, I've gotten a lot of new ones--some replacement covers for older ones of my books. If rolling gifs work, you'll be seeing a selection of recently done covers by Syneca...

If not, then you'll just have to drop by my website to see this gorgeous artwork, and to take a chance on winning autographed copies of BLACK GOLD: SANDSTORMS by doing the scavenger hunt described on the Newsletter page and emailing the answers to me by July 15. The hunt is to celebrate the releases of FOREVER ENSLAVED: BRANDED as a single-title ebook at Changeling Press on July 14, and WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME? at Ellora's Cave on July 19.


Lyn Cash said...

Syneca is da bomb, isn't she? I love that woman's work!

See you in Atlanta, I hope!

Ann Jacobs said...

Yes, so do I!

I'll be in Atlanta during the conference to attend the Passionate Ink luncheon, publisher events, etc. I'm not actually attending the conference since I waited too late to decide to go, before trying to register.

Hope to see you there!

KimW said...

Congrats on your two releases, Ann! I'm going to have to make those a "Happy Birthday to Me" gift. haha!

I tried to enter the scavenger hunt but the email was returned saying the mailbox is full???