Tuesday, June 20, 2006


There's been a lot of talk lately on another blog about the quality, or lack thereof, of cover art for e-books. Here are four of mine, two Ellora's Cave and two Changeling Press covers. The one on the right, I just received today, a new Ellora's Cave cover for one of my older books. I think it's downright beautiful. Syneca's the artist--I've never seen one of her covers I didn't like. (She also did the very attractive one on the left, for my next EC book that I finally turned in to my editor last week.)

The Luna Ten and Obsidion covers at Changeling are Scott Carpenter creations. Scott's immensely talented, too (he did all the graphics for my website). All Wrapped Up, which I consider one of the best entirely software-generated covers I've ever seen, was created by Changeling art director Bryan Keller. Angela Knight created the gorgeous hunk on the cover of O Positive at Changeling.

Of the thirty-some-odd books I've had published electronically, I can honestly say I've been pleased with ninety percent of the original covers created for them. The artists have worked hard to depict their visions of the books as I've described them, and I don't think an author dares to ask for more! It stings when someone disses e-covers, whether they come from my publishers or not.

Yes, photo adaptations make for the most realistic looking covers. I prefer them myself, for that reason. But... I don't write heroes who're pink or possessed with wings or other oddities of appearance. Even my vampires look pretty much like human beings, and my futuristics have characters who're displaced Earthlings. My point, you ask? Well, an awful lot of ebooks feature winged creatures, mermaids and mermen, gargoyles and the like. It's damn difficult to catch such creatures and photograph them, much less find stock photos of them. Hence, the necessity of using software-generated cover art for a large segment of the ebooks being released.

That said, I can imagine plenty of readers buying books because of the cover, but I doubt there are too many who'd fail to buy a book by an author they love, just because they aren't impressed with the artwork. I salute the artists who've labored to make the covers of my books the best marketing tools they can be... Thanks, Syn...Scott...Bryan...Angela, and artists past and present, whether or not they've created covers for books of mine!


Oh, by the way, if anybody's having difficulty getting a Borders store to order Changeling print books, a reader pointed out that they can go to bordersstores.com and place their own order, to be picked up from their local Borders store.