Tuesday, May 09, 2006

RT Panicville... the convention starts next week!

You have no idea the effort it takes to get into convention/party mode--at least for this aging participant who's been luxuriating for months with the idea that for once she won't be having to ship promo goodies via Fedex, enriching them while impoverishing herself...and stuffing six days' worth of clothes and costumes into two huge suitcases to haul through faraway airports.

So have I been able to kick back, relax, and keep up with writing during the hectic weeks BEFORE the fun begins? No. Instead, I've been thumbing through websites, figuratively speaking, trying to persuade myself I shouldn't go hog-wild just because I'm driving a car--not a delivery van or a truck mind you--to Daytona Beach, and that the promo items that now are littering my office are sufficient to get my name out before the eager readers and booksellers at the convention.

Bookmarks, excerpt booklets, brochures...postcards... When one has so many books to promote, the list of goodies tends to grow to massive proportions! That doesn't count the giveaway baskets...or the bigger non-paper giveaway items I've gathered.

There's still that growing panic that I've forgotten something vital...or worse, that I'll forget something vital when I finally get around to packing. If past experience is an indicator, I *will* leave something important back home--and I so don't relish a three hour drive through Orlando's weekday traffic to go retrieve it!

Then there's the worry nagging in the back of my head that the Sultan's Fairy will garner laughs instead of oohs and ahs when I step out in my gorgeous Connie Perry costume at the Faery Ball. And that I'll trip over my feet while one of EC's hunky cover models escorts me into the Ellora's Cave Fantasy Party. Oh, yeah, I also picture myself screwing up royally in front of a room full of booksellers when I present a workshop on tax deductions...all by myself since I couldn't entice a pal into sharing the spotlight. You'd think this was going to be my first RT when I've actually been at the last three--but this will be the first time I've intentionally made myself quite so *visible* as I'll be at this one. My usual thing is to mingle quietly, keep my goodies stocked on promo lane, show up when I'm signed up...and otherwise keep pretty much anonymous, which no author should do. I'm petrified!

RT's an event unto itself, something no avid romance reader, bookseller or author should fail to experience. Still, it's scary for an author who's basically happiest in front of her computer or interacting with people in small groups to get into party mode and look forward to mingling with more than a thousand people at the annual party of the year!

I'll have fun--I always do once I'm there. It's just the anticipation that has me kvetching and losing sleep the week ahead of the convention. If you're there, come up and say hello, so I won't be lonesome. I'll be the one huddling in the bar with a diet coke, the one with the look that resembles that of a deer caught in the headlights of your car.


Cheyenne McCray said...

I'm right there with you, Ann! Can't believe it's coming up so fast. And you don't know how much I appreciate you taking that stuff to Daytona for me!!!!!



Sam said...

Wow - you will have such a good time!! I hope I get a picture of the Connie Perry costume - I love her clothes!! And say hi for me, please!!
Just wanted to say that your promo items all flew off the table in Germany - the card holders were a great idea!!!

Ann Jacobs said...

No problem on the "stuff", Chey! I'm sure you'll return the favor if RT decides to hold a convention in Arizona! Right now I'm waiting for my last purchase, imprinted pens, to arrive. UPS lost the package, but they've found it now and swear it will get here today!

And Sam, I'm having photos taken in my costume. It's so beautiful, that the picture will look good even if I don't! I'm glad the stuff I sent you got snatched up in Germany--there must be a lot of German readers who like erotic romance well enough to read it in English. I feel dumb, because English is the ONLY language I read well enough to sit down and read for pleasure.


Melany said...

Have fun!! Wish we were going there too.


Ann Jacobs said...

We'll miss you, Lany!

Anonymous said...

This will be my first RT. I can't abide any brand of diet coke, but I'm sure the bar can come up with my usual tonic water with lime juice.

Amber Green