Saturday, March 11, 2006


There's no such thing... I'm certainly not, and neither is my DH of over half my life, who's clowning with the kids in the picture he'd kill me if he knew I was posting. We met my first year in college, got married, and have now spent over thirty years raising a family and coping with the strain of caring for sick, elderly parents and trying to guide seven kids through the joys and tragedies of growing up. Come to think of it, we're still plugging away at seeing our younger kids morph into productive adulthood!

What first attracted me to him was his dark, rugged good looks--and his reputation of being a hot stud on campus. What kept me from walking out when things got tough was his sense of humor...his strong work ethic that has kept him going despite health problems that would have laid many men low...and the fact he has no problem letting me know I'm pretty much the center of his universe while giving me the bit of gentle control I need.

There's a little bit of him in every one of my tall, dark, to-die-for heroes...not only the twinkling dark eyes and commanding presence but also the deep-down goodness that makes heroines fall in love and in lust--the way I fell with him.


Sam said...

That is so Sweet!!!
Love the post - love the tribute to the man by your side.
As Tammy said so well - Stand by your man - ('cause after all, he's just a man)

Cheyenne McCray said...

He sounds wonderful, Ann! And yes, it sounds like he's the perfect partner for you. I enjoyed your story!



Melany said...

So sweet. Sounds like a wonderful partner for you.


Ann Jacobs said...

Yes, my DH is wonderful--and I'm thrilled to have found and kept him.

Lyn Cash said...

LOVED the post and tribute - he looks like a sweetheart!!!!!!

cinquetta allen said...

Hello Ann how are you? Girl I am happy for you. It is so wonderful how you found happiness with your spouse. WOW seven kids yeah he made you real happy!!(LOL) You go girl!!!

Debbie E said...

Your story is so romantic and inspiring and I still can't believe that you raised 7 children. I believe you should receive a halo now. My 2 daughters have just reached teenage years and some days I want to pull my hair out. I hear it gets better when they reach their 20's. Let's hope!

Congrats on being married over 30 years! That is awesome, Ann. As this July we will celebrate our 26 years - sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's a challenge but I'm sure the grass is never greener on the other side.

What a wonderful story!