Saturday, March 11, 2006


There's no such thing... I'm certainly not, and neither is my DH of over half my life, who's clowning with the kids in the picture he'd kill me if he knew I was posting. We met my first year in college, got married, and have now spent over thirty years raising a family and coping with the strain of caring for sick, elderly parents and trying to guide seven kids through the joys and tragedies of growing up. Come to think of it, we're still plugging away at seeing our younger kids morph into productive adulthood!

What first attracted me to him was his dark, rugged good looks--and his reputation of being a hot stud on campus. What kept me from walking out when things got tough was his sense of humor...his strong work ethic that has kept him going despite health problems that would have laid many men low...and the fact he has no problem letting me know I'm pretty much the center of his universe while giving me the bit of gentle control I need.

There's a little bit of him in every one of my tall, dark, to-die-for heroes...not only the twinkling dark eyes and commanding presence but also the deep-down goodness that makes heroines fall in love and in lust--the way I fell with him.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whatever happened to Wrong Place, Wrong Time?

Darlene and Vlad took a long siesta about halfway through their story, while I went vampire hunting. A contracted story for Changeling crept up on me and had to be written in time for a Feb. 23 release, and Ellora's Cave decided it wanted rewrites of the first two urban fantasies I'd sold to them--for release in February and March respectively.

Now I'm back on track to wind up Wrong Place, Wrong Time? hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Then, it's off with it to Joey W. Hill, my incredibly talented critique partner...and my good friend Stephanie Burke, who's promised to whack me over the head if I've screwed up Darlene's character too badly! After they've done their thing, and I've fixed up messes they've pointed out, it will go to my EC editor... and hopefully the book will be released before too very long. Not in March, and probably not in April, either-- think May or June if I'm lucky and EC has a slot for it somewhere around that time.

Back to work! Blogging could definitely become a habit that would eat into my writing time! Happy reading, writing, or whatever it is you're doing today!