Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm on a vampire roll!

I just realized this... four books in a row, all dealing with fanged heroes-to-die-for! First there was "Bound by Blood," the Changeling Hot Flash based on a short story I wrote a couple of years ago but steamed up in a mega-way as a centuries-old vampire finds the reincarnation of his first love in the person of a modern police lieutenant.

Next comes the first of my urban fantasy series, d'Argent Honor, from Ellora's Cave. Claude d'Argent, the baby of his venerable clan, finds a soulmate with a stripper with a serious problem--a problem Claude will have little trouble alleviating for her once he's made her one of his own! Number two in this series, Eternally His, has been scheduled for release March 29, which will bring the d'Argents to Chicago where a serial killer vamp is stalking the woman Stefan would like to make his own.

Tucked in between, coming out this week, is my humorous take on vampires and BDSM... a bit of a change of pace since I don't write light all that often. Don't miss this short, hot read that's part of Changeling's continuity series, Speaking of PMS, click on the series name or the icon at the top of the blog, and go scavenger hunting! We have two nice gift certificates to award to winners...


Sam said...

Hi Ann -
I LOVE vamps, so these books look more than terrific!!

Could you make your text bigger on the posts? My eyes are not as good as they used to be. :-(
Too much writing, right?

Ann Jacobs said...

Ask and you will receive! Even non-techie me knows how to make text bigger.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheyenne McCray said...

I started making my text bigger, too, because it's hard to read, especially the white against a dark background, which mine is.

I love to read Vamps, but I can't seem to write Vampire books. I co-authored 1 with Annie Windsor because I begged her to help me once I started. I just couldn't get into the blood-lust part of it. You have to have a real passion for writing it, and you obviously do!

Ann Jacobs said...

Hey there, Chey--

I try to downplay the bloodlust... the only place you'll see it in my books is in that one obligatory scene where he changes his lover... and of course in scenes that feature the evil vampire villain who's sucking blood out of everybody, much like the neighborhood drug dealer!

Sam said...

Oh yay for the text, lol! Thanks!
Now I feel younger.

Caffey said...

Hi Ann! Don't stop your vamps!!! So love all you put out and too you're on a roll with writing and all thats coming out!

Ann Jacobs said...

I'll be writing at least two more vamps--Eternal Surrender and Eternal Victory, to finish up the d'Argent Honor series. After that, I've got a futuristic and a stack of contemporary BDSMs I need to write -- so there probably won't be another vamp series for a while!

Bethany said...

Hi there -
You have a great blog, but you might want to check your Google Adwords campaign. I clicked through on one of your links and I got a broken link:

You blog is great - make sure that people are getting to it! I will link to you from my blog as well ;)

Lyn Cash said...

gotsta get me that vampire & BDSM book - lol. They all look great.

Melany said...

Nothing wrong with vamps! I love 'em.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Jacob,

Whatever happened to that IR book you were working on for EC???

We haven't heard anything else from you.

Ann Jacobs said...

I'm in the process of finishing Wrong Place, Wrong Time? this week and next. I had to set it aside for a month or so because Ellora's Cave wanted to put the first two vampire books out first, and they took quite a lot of rewriting to get them ready.

Thanks for asking! Take a look in the next day or so for a new blog posting on Darlene and Vlad's story!