Friday, January 13, 2006

This is Anthony Wilder. Vampire...Dom...and looking for an O POSITIVE mate...

Enter the Paranormal Mates, online matchmaker for hot lonely hearts around the world.

Here's a bit of unedited excerpt to whet your appetite... an intro to Tony's heroine. Tony invades your imagination February 21, 2006!

It sucked, literally.

Erica Stone rubbed at the bruise she’d gotten on her ass not from the flogging she’d wanted the masked Master to give her, but from having been booted out of yet another Atlanta dungeon.

All because she’d fucking scared another big, strong Master with her fangs.

Pretty soon she’d be reduced to self-flagellation whenever she wanted satisfaction. Unless she could remember to keep her lips sealed, and that was mighty hard to do and still perform the cocksucking every Dom she’d ever run into seemed to want as proof of her submissiveness.

She looked in the mirror, grimaced. There was no hiding the long, pointed incisors she’d grown overnight six months ago after dying at the bottom of a north Georgia ravine. At the time she’d been grateful to the good Samaritan who’d brought her around. After all, what twenty-something woman in her right mind wanted to be dead?

She hadn’t even minded much when she learned she’d traded maybe fifty-sixty years of mortal living for more or less eternal life as a vampire like her savior. $Admit it, Erica girl. You sort of liked the idea of drinking blood instead of chowing down on chocolates. Good for keeping the hips under control.
Being a vamp wouldn’t have been tough to take, at all, if only it weren’t for the $fangs. How was she to survive if she couldn’t find a Dom who was man enough to master a sub with fangs?

Erica sat in front of the computer where she wrote her bestselling erotic romances and stared at a blank screen, but words wouldn’t come. How the fuck was she to write about sex when she hadn’t had any for more than six months now? Disgusted, she clicked on Internet Explorer and started to surf. Had to find inspiration somehow. Some way. Inspiration or a mate willing to take on a novice vampire with strong submissive tendencies.

Google. Couldn’t hurt to try. Running her tongue over a fang—it felt strange but vaguely erotic to stroke the hollow tip—Erica gave a few minutes’ thought to the search. Vampire lonely hearts club. That had to be it. Wanted Single White Vampire.

Nothing. Nothing but a sidebar on the last search she tried. It linked to a site called Might as well give that a try. Vamps definitely fit the description of paranormal—though not as much so as some of the site’s former clients who beamed from the site’s home page with their testimonials of having found love eternal through the Society’s computer matching.

Her vampire heart beating less slowly than usual, Erica got out her credit card and started to fill in the registration form for the Heavenly Plan. In less than fifteen minutes the Society had taken her money for a three-month subscription, massaged the information she’d entered, and come up with the ad it assured her would attract just the sort of mate she wanted:

SWF vamp seeks SM, vampires only need apply.

Five feet six, well-nourished blonde with blue eyes and vamp-pale complexion seeks another of her kind for long-term relationship, possibly marriage and family.

The right guy must prefer taking his nourishment from cups, not throats, and he'll prefer high-rises in big American cities to dreary castles in Transylvania. Oh, yes, he'll also choose a bed for sleeping--and other things--not a musty old coffin.

Interested? E-Mail

Satisfied with the ad, Erica clicked “OK”, signed off the site, and sat back, hopeful that soon she’d find a Master who wasn’t intimidated by the fangs.

Maybe now she could get in the mood to get some writing done. If she didn’t, she’d soon be drinking her blood from living mortal victims instead of buying her supply from the local blood bank.


Sam said...

This is terrifc! What a great idea!!

Dakota Cassidy said...

You RULE, Annie!! Keep 'em comin' :)

DC :)

Lyn Cash said...

ROFLMAO - wonderful excerpt. Can't wait to read it!