Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well... December 1 is upon us. Holidays and family and shop-til-you-drop. Here's my present for you all...a completely unedited sneak peek at my novella "No Bounds" that's going into the very first all-original PRINT anthology from Changeling Press. ALL WRAPPED UP features all-brand-new stories from USA TODAY bestseller Angela Knight, queen of erotic humor Dakota Cassidy, creator of vampires to die for Kate Hill, and me. Feast your eyes on a mock-up of the gorgeous front cover art by Brian Keller...

No release date yet, but ALL WRAPPED UP should be out early in 2006. Meanwhile check out some of Changeling's finest authors in print, in A CHANGELING FOR ALL SEASONS, available now through and on order from your favorite bookstores!

Now, here's the beginning of "No Bounds," presented with greedy anticipation that you'll want to find out what awaits Cade, and whether or not the sweetly subservient Amber ends up with him...or his reckless sister Ciel.

The year 2150, Federation of Earth

The nervous looking sub met him at the side door of the underground club and practically jerked him inside. “I’m sorry, Master Cade, but when I saw Mistress Ciel had come here with Amber, and I knew Master Dax was already here, I figured there was going to be trouble.”

“No problem, Ellen.” Cade Callender had known the club submissive a long time, had enjoyed her in casual scenes at more upscale clubs during the days before BDSM had been driven underground into seedy locations like this, places too dangerous for any woman to be, let alone his misguided sister. And Amber.

It made his gut tighten, thinking about Amber being in a place like this. Ciel, what are you thinking? He and his sister shared the undeniable drive for sexual Dominance with their respective partners, but since he’d left his wild teenage years behind, he’d learned to be more circumspect. He hadn’t seen he had a choice, considering his father’s position as a governing minister and the growing pressure on him by a strengthening faction of fanatics to outlaw many forms of sexual expression, including BDSM. As a result, Cade had learned to keep his own activities carefully contained, at private parties, where he knew all the players. Since the legislature had outlawed any form of BDSM practices two years ago, he’d become even more circumspect.

Unfortunately Ciel knew no such control, and Amber wasn’t the sort of friend --or submissive --who knew how to say “no”.

Amber. Ciel’s friend since she’d moved in with elderly relatives after her parents had died. Cade’s age, Amber had let the older, more sophisticated Ciel take her under her wing. Many a time Cade had lusted after Amber, but he’d never acted on his feelings because of his sister’s obvious claim. Truth was, as his attraction toward Amber had grown, he’d distanced himself more from Ciel’s social pursuits. Probably a lousy decision, considering the position they all were in right now.

He turned to Ellen. “How long have they been here?”

“About two hours.” Ellen sounded apologetic as she hurried them down the stairs to the underground levels. “I only found out about an hour ago. That was when I called you. They were already in a chamber.”

Oh, shit. Cade remembered this was an abandoned mine, with three tiers below ground and only two exits. One to watch for cops, and the other to use for escape if needed. That is, unless the cops didn’t discover both exits and capture them all like rats in a trap. The place reminded Cade of a dungeon, but not the kind he preferred, set up for the type of pleasure a certain amount of pain might bring out of submissives. This dungeon was more like those used centuries ago, during the Inquisition, where pain was all about pain. Fear. Sweat and blood.

He quickened his pace as the sounds of flogging, the cries of submissives grew ever louder. “How much farther?”

“All the way down, Master.” Ellen started taking steps two at the time, as though the noises were getting to her, too.

Would they make it to Amber and Ciel in time? Cade wanted to strangle his crazy sister, who had gotten it into her head she could top Master Dax. Idiot! The vicious Dom was a known psychopath, a fine example of the type of BDSM practitioners that had gotten the lifestyle outlawed. Stupid! The laws now allowed Doms like Dax free rein, since dungeons were all illegal, and thus unregulated.

A high-pitched scream pierced the fetid air of the stairway. Cade charged toward the sound. An image of Amber’s sweet face, her large eyes and soft pink lips, flashed in his mind. Nausea rose in him. Anxiety. More for Amber than for Ciel, who’d brought this on herself. If she had a death wish, that was one thing. But Amber would go down with her because that was what a good submissive would do.

No way would he let Dax harm her, as long as he drew breath.

“That room, Master Cade.” As soon as Ellen pointed out the chamber door, Cade kicked the door in and dragged Master Dax back from the St. Andrew’s cross where he had Amber confined and was administering a brutal caning.

Amber blinked through her tears. He’d come. She could hardly believe it. For the past year Cade had apparently wanted little to do with them. Before, he’d always smiled at her when they crossed paths. He’d even taken time to do a little casual flirting when he ran into her and Ciel.
What would he do if he knew how many times she’d replayed those moments in her mind, pretending she’d read more than casual affection for his sister’s friend in his smiling eyes? How she’d hoped he’d invite her and Ciel to one of his parties? In the old days, when his preferred club had been open, she’d often watched him, wished she’d been the sub he had on her knees, lovingly servicing his cock.
The two men crashed into the wall, sending equipment clattering to the floor. Cade seized a flogger, caught the cane Dax swung at his face. If she could get free, she could help him. She could....

Another crash, and the room filled with uniformed men, shouting. Oh, no! A raid...and there was Cade, standing with the flogger raised, his foot planted on Dax’s chest while Ciel pounded at Cade with her fists. Amber strained against her bonds, wanting to cover her nakedness, but the straps held firm. As if having the cops catch them weren’t bad enough, here came a troop of reporters, recording the whole scene for posterity.

Oh, Cade. She met his anguished, furious gaze before he whipped around, trying to block her with his body so the cameras couldn’t get her...
Cade did his best to hide Amber’s naked, cane-striped body, and Dax and Ciel both wore concealing masks. His own face, however, would be out there on the six o’clock news for everyone to see. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place! Cade could hear his father now.


Liz said...

This sounds so good. I'can't wait till it comes out.

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The Cover looks great but the excerpt of your story was wonderful!

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Ann, this was terrific!!!
OK - now I'm hooked, lol.
I want to read all of it now!
Can't wait til it comes out!

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OOOHHH!!! HOT!! This will be on my buy list at the top.

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I can't wait till this is released!! It sounds like it will be a good book. Great excerpt and cover!

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Can't wait till this comes out. Love that excerpt and what a great line-up.