Friday, December 09, 2005

Have you ever had a Hot Flash? Well, if you haven't, you need to try one of the sizzling shorts from Changeling! My editor just bought one of mine, an expanded and modified version of a freebie I did for the ellorascave group several years ago. It's "Bound by Blood," my very first effort at a vampire story, or rather urban fantasy since it's got a police lieutenant trying to solve a murder the coroner tells her was committed by a vamp.

Here's the blurb, courtesy of Margaret Riley. If you've listened to me whine over the years, you'll realize writing blurbs and ad copy isn't my forte! I'm told "Bound by Blood" will be released within a week or so--will let you know when it comes out!

Stone Cold killer…

Bodies are turning up on the beach. Bodies with no blood. But the coroners report doesn’t make sense… murder -- by Vampire?

Aggie's a homicide detective. She deals in facts. Facts like dead bodies… not vampires. She doesn’t have time for a personal life -- she can’t take the time to mourn a lost love.

The Ancient Vampire Aleric Dunric sees in Aggie the reincarnation of his own lost love, Grace. He uses his powers of persuasion -- and his resemblance to her lost lover -- to lure Aggie into his bed. But is she the lover he lost -- or his next victim?

Sound interesting? I'd post an excerpt but Margaret's still doing final edits! So...I guess I'll be having a December release after all!


Sam said...

This sounds fantastic!!!
I'll keep an eye out for it -
Let us know when it's available!

Caffey said...

Hi Ann. Oh I love a vampire!!! I heard too that once they are done with editing, they post them to buy! Don't have to wait for a release day. I can't wait!!

Cheyenne McCray said...

Sounds very cool, Ann!

Pam P. said...

You did fine on this blurb, Ann, got me interested.