Friday, December 02, 2005

Guess what? I'm not having a December release this year--nothing finished in time, thanks to a wicked little elf family (mine!) that got in the way of my writing schedule! Now I'm looking for some sizzling, steamy erotic romances to get my adrenaline flowing, and I need some help! Are there any authors out there who can give me some news about their books that are coming out between now and New Years' Eve... preferably ones that aren't specifically holiday quickies?? I'll be eternally grateful to find a few hot distractions!


Tawny Taylor said...

Hi Ann,
GREAT BLOG! Here's one for you--I just found out the second book in my dragon series is being released by Ellora's Cave December 7th, a very nice early Christmas present :-) The follow up to my October release, "Dragons and Dungeons", the book is titled "Light My Fire." It's a full length novel, so it should keep you in reading material for a couple nights, unless you're like my boss who reads a book a night :-)

Here's the blurb:
Bailee Boyd, secretary by day and struggling fantasy artist by night, needs to win an art contest. Only problem is, she's finding it hard to concentrate. Someone's sending her emails about local fires...before they've started! After a nearby chemical plant goes up in flames, she goes to the fire marshal's office to report the mysterious messages and meets a man who kindles some serious heat of an entirely different kind. Her troubles have only just begun.

Alec Somner, fire investigator and Guardian Protector, wants to stop the devious arsonist. But he’s been trailing the Hunter for years and hasn’t been able to stop him. In fact, he’s set the latest fire under Alec’s nose. And now, Alec has an unwanted distraction in the form of one blonde who has to merely flutter her eyelashes to spike a blaze in him. She’s in danger and he must protect her. But oh, the agony.

Neither Alec nor Bailee know what they’re up against--a cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to finish what he’s started...and passion so scorching it will set their souls on fire.


Ann Jacobs said...

Oooh! There's not much I like better than a steamy romance heating up the pages while a suspense plot keeps me on the edge of my chair!

This one's definitely on my list to buy next Wednesday, as soon as EC puts it up on the site! Sounds yummy, and I know it will be if it's even half as fantastic as DRAGONS AND DUNGEONS was!

Congratulations, and thanks for helping me fill the days when my muse just isn't cooperating and helping me finish my own story about Darlene, Vlad, and an elusive serial killer!

Tawny Taylor said...


I can see you'll be returning the favor ;-D


Sam said...

Hi Ann,
I have a Christmas list around here somewhere, lol.
Tawny Taylor's book sounds yummy, and there's 'Wanton Temptation' by
Ruth D. Kerce that I hear is coming out the same day, so there are two reads I don't want to miss!

If you want to read something completely different, my book 'Angels on Crusade' a historical time travel set in the time of the Crusades, is coming out at Cerridwen. It's not erotic, bit it's sensual, lol., and if you like books set in the Middle Ages, you'll love this one. Lots of research went into it!

Happy Reading!

Tawny Taylor said...

I'm going to have to thank you, Ann, for posting this :-) All I'll have to do for Christmas list is send hubby here to copy down titles. LOLOL Every year he has such a hard time knowing what to buy me.

Sam's Angels on Crusades sounds GREAT. I LOVE historical time travels and who could pass up a book with the word "Wanton" in the title? LOL.

Ann Jacobs said...

Oh, boy, Sam--I love the Middle Ages (all my historicals are set in that time period). I'm going to be so busy reading that I won't be having much time to write, if I'm not careful. Mental note to self: buy Tawny, Ruth and Sam's books and give myself a day to read them all AFTER I finish WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME!

Cheyenne McCray said...

There's always FORBIDDEN MAGIC. *G* I just found out about 30 minutes ago that it's #7 on Barnes and Noble's bestseller list for all romances sold. :-) :-) :-)

Looks like you have lots of great suggestions!

Ann Jacobs said...

Yes, Chey! I do have more choices--I just bought FORBIDDEN MAGIC at Barnes & Noble on Saturday--but alas, I've already read it!

For anybody who's interested, here's what I wrote about this wonderful book: "Chock-full of emotion and action, Cheyenne McCray's Forbidden Magic will find a spot on the keeper shelf of every reader who enjoys a touch of the paranormal along with her erotic romance. I highly recommend it!"

I just may have to read it again! But not, I promise (in case my editors are reading my blog), until after I finish writing WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME? and O POSITIVE