Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bye-bye, Zippy…

After a week and a half of learning to love us, and a day at the vet’s getting shots and neutering, Zippy is no longer ours. No, he didn't die; he came through the surgery like a champ, and was curled up on his favorite chair recuperating when the troublemaking kid who’d left him with her parents—the owners of the dogs who killed Happy—showed up at our door, swearing Zippy belonged to her and that she’d left him in her mother’s care while celebrating the holidays with her live-in boyfriend and their two children. (This is a girl who's caused us nothing but headaches for years--she was into stealing as a teenager to support her drug habit, along with trying to corrupt our own wild-child who did well enough on her own and didn't need help-- I guess the trouble never ends, no matter how old your kids and their acquaintances become!)

So…we’re now catless again, missing our new friend and hoping his real owner will take care of him. We must assume he *is* hers, since she reimbursed us the cost of his veterinary care when we made that a condition of returning him to her. I only hope she has the mental moxie NOT to leave him again where he’ll be forced to escape in order to avoid the cat-killing dogs her parents keep in their yard.

So goes 2005, out in a flurry of feline activity, some tragic, some just plain annoying, yet worth it for having known and loved our Happy…and Zippy, too, if only for a few short days. Maybe 2006 will be better all around. I certainly hope so.

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Happy New Year, happy reading...and happy writing to all my fellow authors!


Lily said...

Sorry to hear about Zippy!
It's shame he had to go back,I hope he is happy!

Ann,maybe you should get cat or two from shelter. We are getting 2 this Saturday,I can't wait to bring them home.One Gertude is 8 month old and one Midnight is 7 years old.

Pam P. said...

Aw, too bad Zippy had to go, Anne. Maybe another kitty will come along soon.

Jan Springer said...

Hi Ann,

Boy I am so sorry to hear about you having to give Zippy to that woman.

Sending you some mighty big cyber hugs!!!



Sam said...

That is a shame - I hope Zippy's owner does grow up and be responsible. Poor you though!!!!!
The shelter sounds like a good idea - why not give it a try? You shouldn't be catless forever!