Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well, today's been busy, resizing cover art and figuring out how I want my new website to look! Since I've got so many books out, my home on the web has become a little awkward to navigate, so I'm trying to get it streamlined some so readers can easily find whatever it is they're looking for.

The biggest problem is to figure how to show print books that are combinations of two or more e-books, which also need to be shown. We've decided to use a drop-down menu--stole the idea from Jaci Burton's site (Thanks, Jaci!), and list the books in several different ways: print, e-book, by genre, by series, etc. Hopefully my talented webmistress will be able to figure out just how this is going to work!

In case anybody's wanting to capture my writing tips, you'll need to do it before the new site goes "live". Something had to go because we were running out of bandwidth, so I decided I could put occasional tips here at the blog instead of keeping them in their own little spot.

More later!

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