Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is my new website header, just finished yesterday by the incredibly talented Scott Carpenter! Expect a brand-new look, and hopefully easier navigation around my site once Diana, my webmistress, does her magic. I'm working today on WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME?, a loosely connected sequel to TIP OF THE ICEBERG. The two books will be paired in print as BOUND BY LOVE, scheduled for release next year. The gorgeous cover by Syneca is giving me inspiration to hurry and finish the book!

I'm worried about getting this sizzling BDSM suspense story right--it's my first attempt at writing interracial erotic romance between a black woman and white man. Darlene Jackson's a supermodel from an upper middle class family in Atlanta, estranged wife to the first Ranger player to die along with his groupie lover. Vlad Ivanov's an undercover FBI agent from rural Pennsylvania who came from Estonia as a young teenager, planted with the Rangers as a placekicker in order to solve the serial murders of young groupie women that take place only after Rangers away games. Think irresistible attraction, steamy sex, falling in love, almost losing each other as the killer nearly catches them...and a conflict to their happily ever after with the light but realistic reverse of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" when she introduces him to her doctor father and concert pianist mom.

Help, please. Tell me, does this sound like it will work? I need reassurance!


Ms HerMajesty said...

I'm curious........ have you ever wrote an interracial romance story between a bw/wm before and if not why are you writting one now?????

Are you comfortable writting in a genre you've never written in before????? Of course this question only applies if you've never written a IR between a bw/wm.

Have you read other IR stories based on bw/wm to use as a guide????

Although I am happy that the heroines parents aren't from the 'hood' why couldn't they have been business owners, publishers, artist, reporters, authors or retired auto workers???? Why must they be doctors or lawyers just because the male is caucasian.......I'll wait until you've answered these questions before asking you more:~)

Ann Jacobs said...

I've never written an interracial romance between a white man and black woman before. I'm doing it now because Darlene (a secondary character in Tip of the Iceberg) appealed to me as well as a lot of readers, and I thought she deserved her own story.

I'm comfortable writing a story in a genre I regularly write (contemporary BDSM/suspense). The fact that the story is interracial adds a different twist and gives me a bit more to think about while writing, but doing so doesn't exactly make me uncomfortable.

No, I haven't used any other interracial stories as a guide. I make it a practice never to read other authors' work in the same genre I'm writing, until after my book is finished and sitting with my editor.

The heroine's parents are professional people NOT because the male is caucasian, but because I happen to know several black couples with similar backgrounds to the one I created for Darlene's parents. They could have had any jobs that would place them socio-economically in the upper middle income and indicate a substantial degree of intelligence/higher education. Actually, Darlene's parents have a very small role in the book--and they would MUCH rather Darlene have found herself a nice black doctor, lawyer, or executive instead of a white FBI agent. That's the romantic conflict between Darlene and Vlad.