Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good morning! I think it's time for a new subject... and here are two of them.

First, I want to tell you all about the Faery Ball coming up at the RT convention next May. Look for the gorgeous faery created by Faery Court member Sahara Kelly on my new website as soon as it's up, and at websites of the other members of the Faery Court, for a scavenger hunt to be announced real soon.

Now, for the seven new headshots of me... tell me which one you think is best (or least objectionable, depending on your perspective). Actually, I think the incredibly talented Tara Kearney ( did miracles, coming up with this many pictures I don't mind people seeing. My last photo shoot (the one with the red outfit that's at my site now was the ONLY one of a large selection of pro shots that I'd use for anything except to keep mice out of my closets!) was a lot less successful. One of these new photos will be going into the upcoming FORBIDDEN FANTASIES hardcover anthology I'm thrilled to be included in with nine other top-selling authors at Ellora's Cave. Another will be on my new website (bio page only--I'm not up for using my image in my website headers, LOL).

More later! I'm off to finish writing a sex scene--always fun, especially the first one between new lovers, which always tells me a lot about the lovers--what they like and how they think when they're getting intimate for the first time!


Dakota Cassidy said...

Annie, honey--you got a BLOG. I'm soooooo happy and proud!

See me smile :)

Dakota :)

Sam said...

Anne!! Yes, you got a blog!
LOL - Great - now I can HAUNT you!
Love the photos - they all look great.

Ann Jacobs said...

So! You both found me!! Drop by anytime and say hello...

snowflake said...

I like the third one best. :)

Ann Jacobs said...

Hi, Jenny... a lot of people have picked the third picture--I think it may be the one that ends up at my bio page when my new website's finally done!